The Bermuda Road Safety Council commended this initiative as they felt the key message of being a responsible road user would help to make Bermuda’s roads safer.  

“By offering to deliver online purchased alcohol to the consumer, this allows the consumer to avoid any temptation to drink the alcohol they’ve purchased while driving. Drunk driving or drinking while driving is an all too prevalent offense in Bermuda and any initiatives that can help to alleviate and reduce the opportunity to consume alcohol while driving will go a long way to help make our roads safe,” states Dennis Lister, Chairman of the Road Safety Council.

“With the services that Sargasso Sea offers this is a common sense approach, which is a win-win for all,” Mr. Lister added.

Special controls have been set up to ensure only legal drinking age individuals can take advantage of this service. Proof of age must be presented upon checkout in order for customers to complete their purchase. Additionally, the customer must present the same ID used to complete the order online, to the delivery agent, before the agent can release the order to the customer. 

“Sargasso Sea’s No ID, No Service policy, will be strictly enforced,” states Mr. Rego. “We have ensured our processes are up to standard with the Liquor Licensing Authority in Bermuda and will continuously review and improve these processes when necessary, as we move forward with this platform and partnership,” adds Mr. Rego.